Richard C Lin


About The Author

After thirty years as a corporate executive, Richard Lin recently retired when Covid-19 decisively taught him that there is much more to life than grappling with Zoom at 2 am. He now focuses on writing, philanthropy, and his family of one glamorous wife, three lively kids, and nine boisterous hamsters.

Richard is currently in the R&R phase for his coming-of-age, second-gen immigrant romcom, ARIZONA AWAKENING, the first in a series of four centered on themes of interracial relationships, immigrant intergenerational conflict, and cultural identity.

Richard recently completed HEARTS AND WINGS, a YA fantasy reimagining of the beloved Chinese folktale Butterfly Lovers, known as the Romeo & Juliet of the East. The dual-timeline narrative centers on a tragic love triangle spanning sixteen hundred years, mixing the sweeping historical scope of SHE WHO BECAME THE SUN with the contemporary rom-com action of THE EPIC CRUSH OF GENIE LO.

Richard’s stories have appeared in Sonora Review, The Dillydoun ReviewThe Write LaunchPotato Soup JournalPrometheus Dreaming, The Adelaide Literary Magazine, and other print and online literary journals. While he lived in Taipei, he wrote business and tech news columns along with Sunday morning lifestyle feature articles for The China Post, Taiwan’s most widely-circulated English-language daily. Richard has also starred in and directed community musical theater productions, including The Jungle Book, Smokey Joe’s Café, Pardon My Fish, and His Disciples (for which he wrote the book and lyrics).

Never Tear Us Apart


"Never Tear Us Apart" is a story about how a love-torn teen and his Wai-Gong (maternal grandfather) are banished from the ones they love for starkly different reasons.

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To Where We Came From


"To Where We Came From" details the exploits of a young scamp in 1973 Taipei.

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Dancing in the Dark


"Dancing in the Dark" captures a teen boy's fumbling attempts to catch the eye, stir the mind, and capture the heart of the beautiful new girl in town.

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The Other is Gold


"The Other is Gold" highlights a teenager's "volunteer" work at an elderly care center, where he grows close to three of the residents and learns the value of Chinese filial piety.

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Fade to Grey


"Fade to Grey" focuses on a young adult's reminisces of his parents' early days just the two of them and then with him, and chronicles their struggles as an immigrant family in the tumultuous America of the late 60s and early 70s.

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Game Point


"Game Point" tells the story of a boy trying to win back the young love of his life through an intense, winner-takes-all racquetball match with the girl's handsome new beau.

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Drive/Open Arms


In "Drive," a young teen and his high school buddies spend one last night cruising through the desert in a souped-up Pontiac Firebird with some special guests that tempt his thoughts away from the one he loves. "Open Arms" features a young teen pursuing the girl of his dreams via the waltz.

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In a Big Country


"In a Big Country" documents a tense encounter in Arizona between an urban cowboy and a Native American teen, along with the disparate reactions of his Asian-American and Mexican-American co-workers.

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The Life Imagined


"The Life Imagined" chronicles a high school boy's last night with his passel as they drink the night away to the tune of Thoreau and Jack Daniels."

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Painted Over


"Painted Over" centers on two Asian-American students' auditions to win the leading roles in Brophy's musical production of THE KING AND I. However their attempt to demonstrate to the world the charisma and grace of the Asian male meets with unexpected (or perhaps expected) results...

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